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PMP Seminar Coverage

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Presented by: CBIT Placement Cell, Alumni Association and PMIPCC on Oct 23rd in CBIT Campus

The seminar was presided by Neela Sudhindranath (Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting) along with members Sunil Kumar Potturi (Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting) and Abhishek Shekhar (Consultant, Deloitte Consulting).

The objective of the seminar was to give young engineers an insight into project management practices. The conference was attended by over 160 engineering students. With an over-arching objective of outlining “Why Management is Important” Neela used an interesting "memory maps" approach to draw  similarity between project management and their day to day activities.

Neela then related different stages of project management to academic curriculum that students undergo over four years of engineering and how to use these parallels to solve planning problems during team assignments and engineering projects. Sunil and Abhishek shared their experiences as well.

Neela was also very upbeat about the role of PMP in the industry and how it can take an organization a ahead of its competitors. He asked students to grow both at individual and group level by understanding the PMP concepts and start implementing them in real world projects. Neela summarized the talk by advising everyone to don the roles of successful managers along with being a successful engineer.

The meet was followed by a highly interactive Q&A session in which students took career advice and personality development tips from the Deloitte team.

The CBIT Management thanked Neela for taking out time from his busy schedule and sharing his valuable experiences and insights with the students. They have also expressed a keen interest in coordinating many such programs in future for the benefit of the youngsters.


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